EPDM Rubberbond flat roofing system

Rubberbond Flat Roofing

We currently use EPDM Rubberbond flat roofing system which is the industry leader in this field with a 50 year + proven life expectancy. Flat Roofing UK is an approved contractor in EPDM Rubberbond so you can be rest assured that you will be benefitting from a professional and high quality service and product. All Rubberbond flat roofs also come with a 20 year insurance backed guarantee, provided by the Consumer Protection Association, which can be an advantage and may potentially add value to your property in the event of moving home for example.

We can provide roof coverings for all types of property including domestic and commercial.

The product is low maintenance and extremely durable, therefore resistant and long lasting in all types of weather, hence its long life expectancy. Rubberbond has a fleeceback layer 2.6mm thick, ensuring toughness and durability. The product is also extremely flexible, allowing it to be moulded around structures easily, and again making it more efficient and reliable in extreme weather conditions, meaning it will not tear or split. There will be very few, or probably no seams, depending on the size of your roof, also allowing the roof to be as efficient as possible and prevent any water ingress. EPDM Rubberbond also benefits from no requirement of heat, thus allowing it to be applied easily and safely, and has low or minimal odour during application.

EPDM Rubberbond is dark grey slate in colour, and doesn’t easily show dirt, ensuring a high quality superior finish for years to come.


About EPDM Rubberbond


us in action

The Problem

This was a poorly installed PVC membrane flat roof where condensation was rotting boarding from underneath.

The Solution

A full reroof was required in order to rectify the problem, removing the air void altogether.

Work carried out

To prevent large amounts of standing water, 2 gullies were also formed in order to channel water off the roof efficiently.

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